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Is your website mobile ready?

hpr website on phone

If you own a smartphone, chances are you access websites using the browser on your phone regularly. It has become one of the main uses for smartphones – the Internet in your pocket!

Research shows that mobile Internet usage is on the up – in fact, it has been claimed that analyst estimates point to mobile Internet usage overtaking desktop-based web traffic as early as 2014.

But is your website ready for it?

Recently here at Hughes Public Relations we underwent a brand refresh which included a new website. This time around, a big part of our website design was the consideration for our mobile website – a specially designed site that is automatically loaded when a user points to using a smartphone.

To create our mobile website, we had to consider: how does the information that people want to access on their phone differ from the information that people want to access when using a desktop computer? Where are they most likely to be? What are they most likely to be doing?

We also accessed our Google Analytics data to assess what pages of our website are most popular with those using smartphones.

From here, we designed our mobile site with the most “mobile friendly” information front and centre.

Most importantly, we designed the site to be user friendly and aesthetically pleasing on a smartphone – no scrolling sideways or zooming in!

Considering how you communicate with your audience using all forms of technology is vital now more than ever.

Access your analytics data to find out: what percentage of visitors to your website access the site using a smartphone? What’s the most popular page on your website for those using mobile devices? What’s the second most popular page?

And then consider: how can you make this information easier to find for your audience? How can you communicate your key messages on these pages?

For example, if the “contact us” page is the second most popular page on your website (after the home page), rather than just present the phone number and address, consider how you can communicate key messages on this page.

If you’d like a hand navigating your Google Analytics and planning your website to communicate effectively to your target audiences, then don’t hesitate to give us a call at Hughes PR. We’ll be on the other end of the (smart)phone!

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